Decking / Platelage

Looking back on it now, this was a huge project. But seeing the finished deck with all the sun loungers, parasols, tables and chairs… it was a hugely rewarding project, too. And the end result is very appealing.

The sloping site was a waste ground before my client decided to build a deck. Now that it is complete, it makes for a significant and useful addition to the outside of the house.

No matter what the size of your deck, the principles of construction are the same – sound footings, sufficient beams and joists to form a strong platform, and then the deck boards themselves, which can be used in numerous different ways to provide visual appeal. A balustrade may be required if the deck is more than about 60cm above the ground, but it can also form a visual break too. Built properly, the deck should not ‘bounce’ when walked on. One point to bear in mind – if you have, say, a dozen guests over for aperitifs, and they are stood around chatting together, that’s almost a tonne of people stood in one spot! That’s why the structure of the deck is important.

All the timber is treated to ‘class 3’, which means it is suitable for exterior use above ground (class 4 if posts and the like are to go underground). We took care to ensure that no timber touches the ground. The structure should last a minimum of 10 years (timber treatment guarantee), but with a little care, it’ll last much longer.

Consideration should also be given to the location of power sockets and any illumination around the deck – both relatively easy to do during construction, but costly as an afterthought!

If you would like to discuss a decking project, please contact me.

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