Wet room (bathroom) / Salle d’eau

A “wet room”, while trendy and fashionable, can be a mixed blessing. One thing to bear in mind is that after you take a shower, you are left with a wet room. There is no cabinet or screen to contain the water, so you’ll be reaching for the squeegee every time. But a wet room is the answer if you are forever hitting your elbows on the walls of the cubicle while showering!

One of the challenges when designing a wet room is to make sure all (or at least most) of the water goes down the plug hole. This usually involves cutting tiles to strange shapes so that they slope; tiles don’t take kindly to being bent! I solved the problem here by using a mosaic tile which will take to the shape of the floor, and will also help to make the floor less slippery.

A small recess in the wall provides somewhere handy to put the shampoo and shower gel. And illuminating it is a detail that really shows off the design of the room.

If you would like to discuss plans for a bathroom or wet room, please contact me.

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