Entrance gate / Portail

To help increase security around the property (and fill a hole in the hedge!) a ‘traditional’ entrance gateway was requested as part of an overall boundary project.

One of the things essential for consistent operation of gates (which are quite heavy) is good foundations, or footings, and sound gateposts. This is particularly important to prevent the gateposts ‘moving’ during frosty weather often causing the gates to catch on the ground or refusing to close. Here, the posts are tied together underground with reinforcing steelwork and concrete, with the reinforcing also being used up the centre of the hollow posts which are filled up with concrete as they are built. The concrete is allowed to cure for a couple of weeks before the gates are hung.

Short buttress walls help visually and fill the gaps between the gateway and the hedge. These are rendered over and painted with Crepi, and the gates are given two coats of gloss black metal paint to finish.

To discuss your needs, please contact me.

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