A variation on the ‘Paulk Total Station’ – update

Surprisingly, this is one of the most popular posts so I made it! Here’s a couple of pictures to whet your appetite, I’ll post more in a day or so when I’ve had a chance to use it. It turned out really well …



As you might have gathered I’m a great fan of the Ron Paulk designs for the ‘Ultimate Workbench’ and the ‘Paulk Total Station’ (apologies for the American hyperbole..). I have been thinking for some time about how the PTS design (which is superb BTW) can be adapted into a super-portable compact worktop. The big selling point for me with the PTS is the ease with which a mitre saw can be set up with usable space around it. I am also a big fan of the Black & Decker Workmate which is a classic design that has survived over the years – much modified by B&D but not really improved upon IMHO!

I always take the B&D w/m with me and have in the past just plonked the mitre saw on it to do a few quick cuts. It occurred to me one day that the w/m would make a good base for a small-ish PTS which could be clamped to the w/m using its jaws. Also, to increase flexibility, the extension arms from my PTS could also be used to further increase surface area for supporting timber being cut. So, here are my thoughts for the B&D Workmate PTS – the B&DWMPTS (I need to work on the acronym..)

An additional advantage with the design is that the B&DWMPTS can be cut from a standard sheet of ply.

I’ll update this post when I start the build but would be interested to hear from anybody who has any thoughts – good or bad!


2 thoughts on “A variation on the ‘Paulk Total Station’ – update

  1. Did you ever make this? I have the plans for the PTS and was planning to build this fall, but am now rethinking how it could be supported underneath. This is a lot more portable for hauling to different areas of the house for mitering trim.

    • Not yet, it’s been relegated to a ‘rainy day’ project for the time being although I am still very keen to have a go. The PTS is an excellent design and I use it a lot and if you aren’t planning on carrying it far it’s OK. You’ll notice from some of my pictures that I often set it up outside on a sunny day – less than five minutes and it’s all set! You will also notice, at the beginning of Ron Paulk’s video, that he struggles to carry it out of his trailer with all the attachments stashed inside – portable, but only just! For my mini PTS the length is governed by the width of my vehicle and the thickness by what is a comfortable height given that it sits on the Workmate. Although it will be secured to the Workmate, I suppose my one concern would be stability although once the miter saw is positioned its weight will help to keep it stable. Thanks for your interest.

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